Return Instructions

In order to facilitate the timely turn around of all repair valves Ruggles-Klingemann Mfg. Co recommends that the following instructions are followed:

  • All valves sent in for repair must be dry (no fluids).
  • If a valve is received containing any measurable fluids (5 cc or more), it will be tested for the presence of PCB's, and all charges will be incurred by the customer. Charges may range from $50.00 to $225.00 for testing alone. If the oil tests positive (over 50 ppm), the customer will be notified and given the following options:
    1. The valve is returned to the customer for removal of all oil and other fluids (dry).
    2. We will send a sample of the oil to a local lab for further testing. If the oil passes the second test the repair is performed, if it fails the valve is returned to the customer. No work will be performed on any valve containing oil until the oil passes the PCB test.

  • The cost of PCB testing along with the cost of disposal for any fluids contained in the valve will be added to the repair charges of the valve.
  • Note: When flushing with water it is important that no fluids remain in the valve. Traces of water mixed with oil will give a false PCB positive result, and will require outside lab testing.
  • Air flushing or drip-drying is recommended to clean valve internals. In most cases if a valve is placed lying down on its flanges (including the feeler connections on differential valves) all the oil will drain out in about one hour. We have found that in most cases the oil is in the top control end of the returned valves.
  • Again, the PCB testing can be both expensive and time consuming. The easiest way to avoid unnecessary charges and delays is to be sure that the valve is sent to our facility DRY.
  • Delivery of all repairs will be determined after the valve has been received and evaluated.
  • Please notify our repair facility at the time of shipment at (603) 474-8500.
  • Please send valves PREPAID to our repair facility at:
    The Ruggles-Klingemann Mfg. Co.
    34 Folly Mill Road, Seabrook, NH 03874

    No collect shipments will be accepted

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