Ruggles-Klingemann specializes in engineering, design and manufacture of valves and associated fluid control equipment. With headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts, the Company is recognized worldwide. Equipment of our design and manufacture is presently employed in the power, propulsion, refinery and construction industries. We have expertise and experience in a myriad of fluid control systems, including desalinization, turbine generation, fuel supply and power transmissions.

Ruggles-Klingemann recognizes its responsibilities as a Designer and Manufacturer, to fully comply with all contractual provisions and governing regulatory specification requirements. To this end, Ruggles-Klingemann has developed a comprehensive quality assurance program and quality system. This program and system establishes controls throughout the entire Design and Manufacturing cycles, from proposals and bids to end-item delivery. It is our goal and policy to provide products and services that meet the quality objectives and expectations of our customers and minimizes the possibility of compromises that could affect product quality and reliability.

This is achieved through the efforts of all employees taking responsibility for the quality of their work and by expecting the same high quality work from our suppliers.

Quality is a discipline central to all aspects of the company's operation and all employees, through their various skills and expertise, are expected to pursue and be continually involved in quality improvements that can ultimately benefit the products and services we provide both internally and externally.

The Quality Assurance Program is tailored according to MIL-Q-9858A and MIL-I-45208A, and is in compliance with ISO 9001. Ruggles-Klingemann is a company committed to excellence in the field of fluid dynamics. Through experience, knowledge, innovation and quality control, we continue to provide reliable fluid control solutions to increasingly complex problems.

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